Transfer Tests

Students sit the test at the start of year 6 and if they are working at National Curriculum Level 5 or above in Maths, Science and English, and practised in verbal, non-verbal and numerical reasoning they have a good chance to do well. The target score for grammar school entry is 121, although results are standardised according to the when in the school year the student was born in order to make it as fair as possible.

Don’t worry though if you just miss the score or move into the area after the test has been taken as there is still a chance to sit the 12+ or 13+ in subsequent years. This is called late transfer

We have tutors who can help pupils prepare for the test by showing them how to do the various styles of questions and helping them with their speed. We are based in Aylesbury and our tutors are experienced teachers who love teaching. They teach on a one to one basis or in small groups – they don’t mind as long as they are teaching! Contact us to find out more.

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