The new GCSE’s have caused some concern for parents, teachers and students and the second stage is being rolled out this year. We have all have been studying the literature sent out by the exam boards to familiarise ourselves with the changes that have been introduced. There is no need to be unduly concerned. Most of the syllabus is similar to the old style and only a few topics have been dropped, added or newly included in the foundation level papers.

There is a lot of pressure on students at this time of the year to do well. If you think a tutor can help- contact us.  Students can improve by 2 or 3 grades above their mock results once they start having tuition. Our tutors have a proven success rate of over 95% pass rate for GCSE students at schools in and around Aylesbury and Wendover and this is something of which we are  extremely proud.   This is a busy time of year and tutor availability is limited however we can currently  help students needing tuition in Spanish and double or triple science.

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