Tutoring 1:1 is beneficial to students and rewarding to do.


How Tutoring Works.

If you are a fully qualified teacher and are thinking of doing some part-time tutoring or, if the flexibility
and enjoyment of tutoring one to one (not to mention the weekends and evenings gained from no
more meetings or paperwork) is leading you to do it full time we can help you.


We do the marketing so you don’t have to!

We are well connected to the schools in and around Aylesbury, Waddesdon and Wendover. We have
good connections with the governors and staff of many Junior and Secondary schools and indeed
many tutors currently teach at these schools.

We also have online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that communicate to families
in Aylesbury Vale events and published reports on the beneficial effects of having good tuition.
We put our contact details online so parents and carers have a single point of contact for all their
requirements. This means you don’t have to. We do not publish personal information about tutors or
their contact details without authorisation.


We do the DBS admin

If you do not have DBS clearance we can organise this for you.


We support you

We are experienced tutors and have seen and dealt with many of the problems that someone
starting out might come across. We can give you free, impartial advice over the phone or if you
prefer, we can meet over a coffee.


No registration fees- ever.

This is probably stupid but we do not ask you to pay an initial or yearly registration fees. This is to
keep the costs for parents to a minimum.


To talk about tutoring privately contact Michele at



call on 07950 839851

Why One to One Tuition?

One to one tuition has been found to be the most cost effective and widely used means for parents to improve their child’s progress. According to the Sutton Trust “tuition is the secret of British Education” and suggest the creation of state funded vouchers to help those without funds to get access to it.  Nationally 25% of students receive tuition at some point and in London the proportion rises to 40%. The effect tuition has on exam results is well documented. However, the attraction for tutors is more that the students enjoy their learning and the personal dynamic between tutor and student is immense fun. As a tutor- I enjoy all my students.

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